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I want to be a psychologist and either work with children or the VA.


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Belle Apr 03, 2023 294 views

What is the likelihood I am able to gain admission into a PHD program for psychology with little/to no experincce?

I went through undergrad in less than a year, and I came from a town where access to these opportunities were not possible. I know I want to pursue a PHD in psychology, but I am struggling during this process, and I am going to be first gen for graduate school.

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Belle Mar 03, 2023 234 views

Should I apply to graduate school this cycle?

Should I apply to P.h.D programs this year ? I came into undergrad with an associate I earned in high school, so I was quite fast tracked. I started Fall '22 and I will be graduating Fall '23. I am wanting to pursue a career as a psychologist, but I am unsure if I should apply yet. I have a...