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Colonial Heights, Virginia
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David Jul 21, 2023 432 views

What are some simple jobs with zero customer relations?

I have tried searching up several warehouse jobs, and they would be a great fit but there are none near me. I want something where no one will bother me while I am working, and preferably something simple and repetitive. I thought about pill sorting, and cleaning jobs but I cannot find any...

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David Jul 20, 2023 633 views

Which 3D modeling careers involve Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, or Solidworks How do I go about looking for these jobs?

I love modeling, and have been on this career path since high school. But searching for jobs like this always brings up CAD, and that's not something I care about unfortunately. I also do not know how to use sheet metal, or make electrical plans. None of this was ever taught to me. So now I...