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Ja'Kiya May 15 136 views


How early did you start looking for internships? How did you find some? Is veterinary school as hard as they say? What do you love most about being a veterinarian?

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Anna May 02 168 views

How does a veterinarian/vet tech handle a situation when a client is neglecting their pets needs, they are given the advice and knowledge how to care for their animal but still, the owner does not take the steps needed to better their pet In particular, In a situation where the clinic staff are aware of the neglect of the animal but legally, they cant take action. How does one cope knowing an animal could be enduring pain and you can't do anything fast acting about it? #Spring24

I'm currently a vet tech student and will be graduating next year. I would like to get more comfortable with the possibilities that a vet tech may face in the career field.

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Hannah Mar 10 451 views

How can I volunteer in Florida (age 15) ?

I REALLY wanna be a vet tech. It’s my dream job.

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Trinity Oct 13, 2023 884 views

Can I still become a vet assistant if I go through a vet tech program ?

At first, I wanted to be a veterinary technician. However, I've decided to become a veterinary assistant instead. I am having trouble finding community colleges that offer vet assistant programs. Some universities offer these programs. However, I must attend community college because I need a...

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Ava Sep 28, 2023 288 views

Does anyone know how I can get involved in the veterinary or marine biology world in this area?

I am a senior in high school and I am already accepted into college.

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Santana Oct 04, 2023 741 views

How much money do u make as a vet?

How much hours do u make as a vet?

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Izadia Oct 04, 2023 255 views

A veterinarian

Hi my name is Izadia and I want to be a veterinarian.

How much doses a veterinarian get payed averagely?

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Natalya Oct 04, 2023 267 views

Why did you become a veterinarian🐱?

Answer me please.