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Marathon City, WI
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I want to become a Forensic Psychologist!


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Emma Feb 01 498 views

What classes, major, and minor should I get so I can become a Forensic Psychologist??

I am having a hard time looking for classes that would be beneficial to take in college that I would need to become a Forensic Psychologist. I also have heard many different things about what I should major and minor in at college, and it has put me through a loop. I am just looking for some...

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Emma Dec 06, 2023 214 views

What are some good classes to take as a senior in high school that would prepare me for college if I want to go into the field of forensic psychology?

I am currently a junior and starting to pick out classes for my senior year in high school, and I am having a little trouble deciding what classes would be good to take to prepare for Forensic Psychology.