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Dr. Krista Penn DHA, MA, BSN, CCRN

Executive Director - Healthcare Administration, RN
Management Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Savannah, Georgia
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Julia’s Avatar
Julia Feb 23 481 views

What are all the different careers you can do with a BSN degree More specifically, what are some of the travel opportunities that are available to RN's? What are the options nationally and internationally? ?

I am currently in school for nursing, and want to become more aware of all of the options available to RN's. I know there are so many jobs out there for nurses, and I want to learn about them all.

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia Jan 25 700 views

How much money will I be making if I do decide to get my masters degree in nursing?

I need to be able to finically support myself.