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Savannah, Georgia

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Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn Nov 24, 2021 461 views

How much does a welder make per year.

Im a 18 year old constuction worker who dropped out of high school, im trying to #job how to weld in order to earn my high school diploma

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Sep 14, 2021 299 views

Am I required to serve for a certain amount of time before getting a degree in the Air Force?

I'm a senior in HS, and was planning to go into the Air Force, get a paid education in Computer Science/Cyber Security, and then work with them for a few years with that degree. Recently, I saw somebody in a similar situation online say that they served 4 years and then went to college using...

Somi’s Avatar
Somi Apr 26, 2021 1193 views

Will Summer School affect the way Universities/Colleges look at you

School has been really hard for me over quarantine and my grades are not the best right now and I want to take Summer school but im scared that it won't benefit my gpa at all. My my freshman year wasn't the best either (I maintained and B C average) . I wanna be successful but my motivation is...

Ashia’s Avatar
Ashia Mar 23, 2021 286 views

whats my favorite color?

my favorite color is black #media

Cassie’s Avatar
Cassie Aug 24, 2018 298 views

Is it beneficial to have graduated with a minor when searching for jobs?

I'm considering whether or not to extend my stay in college, or graduate a year early. If I stay longer I won't have to rush and I could potentially pick up a minor, but I'm not sure how beneficial that is in the long run, especially if it would require me taking out more student loans. #student

Cassie’s Avatar
Cassie Aug 24, 2018 597 views

Do you have any advice on finding a job as an editor after graduating college?

#jobs #job-search #entry-level

Laxmi’s Avatar
Laxmi Mar 26, 2017 11085 views

Is double majoring in marketing and finance a good idea?

I want to kind of work on both sides of marketing. Such as the creative side and the number side. I originally had a minor in art studio to be able to take some graphic design classes but that doesn't fit with my schedule. Do you think a double major in those two areas will help along with...

Chantel’s Avatar
Chantel May 20, 2016 885 views

How does your college choice affect the pay rate in your career field?

I am enrolling at the University of Georgia for Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering in the fall. I am asking to get more insight on whether attending graduate school at a more prestigious university is a waste of time and money. #business #engineer #advisor

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan May 20, 2016 626 views

I intersted in becoming a physical therapist. What are the best majors to get as an undergraduate to prepare you in this field?

High school senior interested in becoming a physical therapist #graduate #major #majors #physical-therapist #undergraduate #athletic-training #athlete #majors-and-minors

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan May 20, 2016 815 views

What are the best steps to take during college to secure and prepare for jobs after college?

High school senior preparing for college #college-major #jobs #job-search #colleges #first-job #intern #workforce-planning

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis May 15, 2016 571 views

What's the most distinguishing characteristic of an education degree in relation to your college experience?

College is different for everybody; people study different things and this therefore leads to different learning experiences. I was wondering what sets an education degree apart from a typical "college experience". #educator

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis May 15, 2016 673 views

Is teaching the only thing you can do with an education degree?

Education wasn't my intended major when I first started applying to colleges. I'm confident I'll enjoy teaching, but was wondering if an education degree would be able to extend elsewhere. #educator #administration

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey May 07, 2016 1094 views

Should I transfer from my dream school if I can't afford it, or take out a loan?

I don't know if a loan would be worth paying back but I really like the college I am currently enrolled in. #graduate #undergraduate #student-loans #loans

Latisha’s Avatar
Latisha Sep 07, 2015 1337 views

Do i have to have a degree to be a photographer? If so, what kind/which one?

I want to be a photographer but i need to know what to do to be one and i love taking pictures too. #career

Jamia’s Avatar
Jamia Aug 22, 2015 850 views

Without much schooling ?

What are some medical jobs that pay 6 figures, and without that much schooling ? 10 years max? #medicine #figures #six

Jamia’s Avatar
Jamia Aug 22, 2015 1012 views

For me to become a neurosurgeon, do I have to complete my residency ?

I am a senior in high school , and I want to become a neurosurgeon. I know that I have to do 4 years in college, and 4 years in medical school. What about the residency? What's the least amount of time can I do? #doctor #neurosurgeon #residency

MarissaCodman1’s Avatar
MarissaCodman1 Sep 07, 2012 1545 views

What steps are necessary for me to become a Fashion Consultant or personal fashion designer?

I am interested in becoming a fashion designer and i would like to know what steps i should take to be successful in a major like this. #fashion #stylist

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