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Emily P. Sep 29, 2017 275 views
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Julianne B. Sep 29, 2017 822 views

What education and experience path leads to consulting?

To #consultants : how did you get to where you are? After you are successful in a field, do you become a consultant to help others? Do you take a second job? #consulting...


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Tatiana M. Sep 29, 2017 240 views

Will supreme court judges ever have a term ?

I had a discussion in government class about supreme courts and i became curious....


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Madison W. Sep 29, 2017 282 views

How much does it cost to go to college for 4 years?

The reason I am asking is that I know college is expensive and I would love to know how much it will cost before I start college....


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Michael A. Sep 29, 2017 363 views

Is loan for college a good option?

This is because I planing of applying for a...


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Sydney M. Sep 29, 2017 208 views

If my ultimate goal is to become a lawyer, what is the best major for me to chose?

I've been bombarded with fliers for dozens of colleges telling me to apply, but I'm not sure what to apply for! I'm looking for some direction......


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Amber S. Sep 30, 2017 346 views

How does one get a tax return and how much do they get if they are a student?

Myself, personally have never done taxes and I am trying to figure them out before heading off to college next year. #taxes #income-taxes...