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Sh'Daedra J. Jan 22, 2018 332 views

What is the average student loan amount?

What is the average amount of student loans a person uses in order to go to college? I start school and August and I am trying to figure out the best cost effective way for me. I do not want to take a whole lot of student loans and be stuck in debt for the next ten years. #student-loans...

#studentloanforgiveness #student-debt #collegedecisions #collegedebt

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Sh'Daedra J. Jan 22, 2018 389 views

With today's economy would it be more beneficial to get a bachelor's degree in business rather than education?

I start school in August for my bachelor's degree. I already have a an associates in science. I can not decide if I should major in education or general management. I am trying to decide which would suite me better with the way this economy is looking and try and prepare for the future for at...

#economy #special-education #bachelorsdegree #business-management