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North Augusta, South Carolina
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Tony May 22, 2015 1432 views

What personal qualities, tools, knowledge areas does a real estate developer need to excel at to become successful?

I am exploring career options right now for my eventual separation from the military. Real Estate as an idea has always been a part of my life as my father and mother run a boutique architecture firm in NYC and their chatter and discussions were a normal part of dinner. I never seriously...

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Tony Nov 19, 2014 2099 views

Time to goal: How long does it normally take to acquire A: an entry level banking job, then B: A mid-level managerial role?

I am in the process of finishing up my enlistment in the Air Force and am looking to jump into the area of investment banking and finance/fintech. I have always been fascinated by the two. Ideally: How much time should I alot to reach goal A, then goal B. I do not have a background in...