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Renee Viveros

Special Education School Counselor
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Deonte Jan 09, 2019 1061 views

What did you study in college?

What did you study in college? #college-advice

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Arianna Jan 15, 2018 891 views

Do you go to college for the degree or experience?

I talk to so many of my fellow graduating seniors and all they talk about is the experience of college. However, when I mention academics they tend to turn their head away. I just wonder what do most people attend college for? More of the experience of academics?

#college #academicsorexperiance

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Ben Jan 23, 2018 787 views

What is the best way to save for college and how does it impact financial aid awards?

Trying to decide how to save money and be able to live while in college #pay4college #scholarships #financial-planning #financial-aid #college-advice