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Justin H. Jul 17, 2016 678 views

Can I add freelance work to my resume?

I have done some freelance work and want to know if I can add it to resume....


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Mounia M. Feb 17, 2017 582 views

What are the best volunteer/ intern environments for someone trying to get into career counseling?

Should I focus on volunteering with non-profits that provide job placement assistance, resume writing, and the like as those skills will be usuful to me or should I focus on working with organizations that are apart of the mental health industry? #career #career-counseling #internships...


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Alysia S. Jan 17, 2018 317 views

How do you pick what career to choose in the medical field?

I am having trouble deciding on what major to pick out of all the different medical majors. I have so many interests, and I don't know how to choose what to spend my time and money on. #school #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care...


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Kaitlyn R. Apr 25, 2020 182 views

What is the average day in the life of a dermatologist?

I am a sophomore in high school still trying to figure out what sort of career path to take. I like to take care of others, enjoy all types of science, and enjoy drawing. Dermatology is a career choice I am interested in because I care very much about my skin and my overall well-being and also...

#dermatologist #science #medicine #career #doctor #skin #hospital-and-health-care