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Anthony P. Jan 16, 2018 394 views

What is our job industry going to look like? Are there going to be machines that are going to take jobs from others and might not have a back up plan?

I’m asking this because I know making machines is our way of trying to make things run faster in in factories and even cashiers. You have a self automated machine to pro things for you instead of walking for it or making it because the machines are there to make it easier to make where a human...


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Adel S. Jan 17, 2018 269 views

Should I accept an internship if it has nothing to do with my major?

I've been offered an internship in an IT company that is not relevant to my major of Electrical Engineering. Should I accept it or look for something else?...


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Julie M. Jan 19, 2018 243 views

What is the best website to look for good internships?

I need to do an internship before I graduate but I'm not sure if the sites I go on are giving me legitimate information....


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Tee A. Jun 12, 2018 282 views

What is the best way to discover skills to put on resume?

I am currently revamping my resume and I want to add some skills for better search optimization. I was wondering how I can discover skills that will be great for my resume. So far, I have looked at the jobs that I have worked and educational experience and used that for inspiration but I'm...

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