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Nicole Coates

UC Davis Alumna seeking opportunities in cognitive neuroscience research.
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Haley L. Mar 08, 2018 440 views

How do I become involved in research opportunities outside of the classroom?

I am undecided on what major I would want to go into so I am interested in finding out if some of these career paths are viable options for me later in life. #research #college...


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Sophia W. Mar 15, 2018 344 views

Can psychology be applied to the field of computer science and more specifically, to artificial intelligence? If so, how?

While I would love to major in computer science, I am also very interested in psychology and would love to also get a degree in the subject as it pertains to nearly every aspect of the real world. As a result, I am very curious about the interaction and connection, if any, between psychology...

#artificial-intelligence #stem #psychology

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Azaleah L. Mar 27, 2018 388 views

What job opportunities would be available to me with a declared double major in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, and what steps can I take while in college to better my chances at obtaining a job?

As stated in the question, I am double majoring in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology. I want to study the relation of the brain to cognition and behavior to gain a better understanding of the only partially unlocked human mind and how this understanding can help with mental health and...

#neuroscience #psychology #cognitive-psychology