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Tawana Jan 18, 2018 469 views

What training is needed to become group fitness instructor

Many people want to stay fit and live a healthier lifestyle.


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Athena Apr 29, 2018 1839 views

What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?

It’s easy to find generic advice online, but some of the best advice is not really projected. I want to know what piece of advice helped you most in A.) College, and B.) Life in general.

#college-advice #life #advice

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Yloza2013 Apr 10, 2013 1670 views

Is majoring in Sports Medicine the best major that will help a person become a sports physical therapist?

I am currently a high school senior year interested in becoming a sport physical therapist; however, I do not know if majoring in sports medicine is best option for a person wanting to become a sport physical therapist. I want to help athletes rehabilitate their bodies after an injury and make...

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Ameenah Mar 14, 2018 823 views

What can I do with a kinesiology degree?


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Charity Jul 07, 2018 670 views

How do you balance your college classwork with all of the college activities?

#workload #college #advice #balancingact

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Odeth Apr 29, 2018 800 views

How does one know what they’re meant to be?

I always get the question on “what do you want to work as?” and my response is always “I’m not sure yet.” Im tired of giving that response and want to truly know what I’m best to specialize in. I’m honestly scared to go to college without having any clue on what I want to be for the rest of my...

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Cayla May 26, 2018 817 views

What are some regrets from your Under-grad?

Just looking for some hindsight #advice

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Laquasia Aug 11, 2018 573 views

What can you do make sure your good with everything your first year in college?

A lot of college freshmen tends to get distracted and fall off track. #advice

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Katelynn Aug 14, 2018 663 views

What would you consider to be a comfortable load of credit hours to take for a college freshman?

#college-load Is there such a thing as not enough of a load as far as classes go? I'm not quite sure how I should balance it out.

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Kei Aug 14, 2018 969 views

Do I have to visit a school to know if it's the right one?