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Rebecca Sep 25, 2018 730 views

Besides advertising companies, what are some different companies that hire graphic designers?


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Kevon Sep 25, 2018 600 views

Scholarship for Sports?

How can I get in touch with a coach regarding a sport scholarship #scholarship #sports

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Ashley Apr 02, 2018 616 views

What is the best approach to getting an internship?

I will be entering college in the fall and I want to know what strategies I can use to get an internship that I want.#internships

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Anthony Jan 16, 2018 1020 views

How will my family be in the future with technology taking over and my kids not experience what I experienced when I was small? What are ways to prevent what life has to offer when I was little?

I don’t know if my kids are going to be able to have the fun times when I was smaller. I want them to get away from technology because like Bill Gates said, “ Social Media makes you stupid”. I want to know how I will be able to have my kids to have the childhood I had when I was with my mom and...

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Anthony Jan 16, 2018 1207 views

What is our job industry going to look like? Are there going to be machines that are going to take jobs from others and might not have a back up plan?

I’m asking this because I know making machines is our way of trying to make things run faster in in factories and even cashiers. You have a self automated machine to pro things for you instead of walking for it or making it because the machines are there to make it easier to make where a human...

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Samuel Sep 01, 2018 953 views

What kind of studying habits should use in college

How can I study in a way that I wont forget when I’m in front of any exam I have #studying-tips #studylife