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Dori-Ruth G. May 11, 2018

Should I get my BSN in a 4 year program or get an LPN then a RN and then my BSN?

I don't know if I should take the shorter route (LPN) or the longer route (4yr) #nursing #nurse #healthcare...


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Sandra G. Aug 14, 2018

Should I apply to more than one nursing program?

I will be finishing my prerequisites for the nursing program at my school by the Spring and I have looked into other programs with similar prerequisites. The program I am applying to only accepts 15 students every round of applications and I want to make sure I get into a program so I can...

#nursing #programs

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Veronica Lorraine G. Aug 23, 2018

What's it like being a nursing student?

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Hannah D. Aug 26, 2018

What is the best way to study in Nursing school?

I know nursing school requires a different approach to learning than other classes. Since nursing is such a different program than others, what is the best tip for studying and maintaining what you learn? #school-counseling...


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Simona S. Feb 27

Do you recommend becoming a CNA before going to college for nursing?

Are there any consequences for not doing so before college? #nursing...


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Ty'Shundria N. Apr 16
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claudia M. Apr 22

What is the difference between a Medical Assistant and a Nurse?

Basically what’s the difference as to what they do? I currently have a Medical Assistant Certificate and I’m now going to college for nursing, is there any difference? Which one is better ? #nursing #medicine...