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Veronica S. Apr 30, 2015 3508 views

Is it possible for your designs to be seen by famous companies. If so, how?

I'm really into fashion designing, and I was wondering if my designs can be seen by famous people, companies or brands. And is it possible to happen during the course? #fashion...


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Mayra S. May 08, 2015 1119 views
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Brendan V. May 13, 2015 1317 views

how do I start my acting career?

Im in 10th grade and have been thinking about becoming an actor because I cannot see myself doing anything else in the world. I like to watch T.V shows like The walking dead, Arrow, The flash etc. and I would like to become involved in shows like those some day but I have absolutely no...

#acting #film-acting #acting-in-tv