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Jean L. Jun 12, 2019 124 views

what do you have to do to present a business to an invester.

I want to start a business but I don't know how to present it to an investor. #business-management #finance #entrepreneur...


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Haley H. Dec 12, 2019 316 views

How much money does an accountant make?

I'm in business class, and I am in the accounting department in that class. #business #accounting #accountant...


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Gisbel G. Jan 27 170 views
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S V. Jul 10 257 views

What type of careers can one do with a finance degree?

I am a senior and interested in doing finance. I want to know more about the type of careers that are both financially stable and less stressful. #finance...


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Mariah M. Jul 29 96 views