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El Paso, Texas
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frank Nov 05, 2019 508 views

what are comman mistake that you see young student welder make that I should try to avoid.

looking to get more info about my carrier choice #welder

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frank Nov 05, 2019 479 views

How long did it take you to get where you are in

looking to get realist goal standards #salary

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frank Nov 05, 2019 407 views

being 24 years of age should joining the military should be somthing I should look more into

I'm trying to build a carrier that will allow me to follow my dream of becoming a small business owner #entrepreneur

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frank Nov 01, 2019 621 views

what are the risk and later in life helth problams that I may have to keep in mind

I'm a student looking to understand my field that I have chosen more.
my profession is to be a under water welder #welder #welding #underwater

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frank Oct 30, 2019 471 views

where the best city or state to work in

I'm really look for a job that could challenge me in auto mechanice #career

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frank Oct 30, 2019 443 views

are there other feild that I should be looking into for auto mechanic

#mechanical I'm a student in job corps and little concern about the right field I should go in

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frank Oct 30, 2019 732 views

what do you like most about you're job

#career-path #career I'm not sure about the career path I have chosen I like working on car
but I feel like the pay wont be as well #career

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frank Oct 30, 2019 450 views

are there any related fields that i should be looking into

I'm a student, at job corps and I'm looking to get a career
in mechanic but having sec though I have my high school diploma
but my be looking to expand my education #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineering