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Amy L. May 04 96 views

Preparing for grad school in Epidemiology

I am a second-year college student interested in getting a Ph.D. in Epidemiology. Is this a good field to go into? What should I do in college to prepare for grad school in epidemiology--should I take graduate-level classes if they are available to undergrads at my school? Is doing an honors...

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Amy L. Nov 25, 2019 168 views

What are some careers that combine math/science, art and helping people, but preferably don't involve a lot of programming?

Ex-premed student here. (2nd year in college.) I am passionate about helping others but am no longer interested in biology or medicine, so I am looking for another career path that combines my interest in math/physics, art and helping people. I prefer a career path that involves lifelong...

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