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I want to become a General Surgeon after I finish pre-med and med school.

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Nishk Jul 17, 2020 489 views

Are BS/MD schools worth getting in?

#JULY20 #pre-med

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Nishk Jul 17, 2020 540 views

Due to corona, what would be the best extra circulars for me to participate in right now?

#college #pre-med #JULY20

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Nishk Feb 26, 2020 674 views

If my intent is to go into a pre-med based college, what would my best extracurricular activities be?

#premed #extracurricular #premed #college

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Nishk Feb 25, 2020 799 views

I am thinking of doing a CNA course, but my intend is not to go into nursing. I end goal after college is to become a general surgeon. Would taking a CNA course help me with my application to pre-med colleges?

#medicine #premed #premed #medical #nursing #CNA #surgeon #surgery #doctor

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Nishk Feb 19, 2020 660 views

My guidance counselor suggested that I take at-least 3 years of my foreign language. I am trying to go to a good pre-med college, and she told me that many want to see at-least 3 years. What is the best option for me?

I am going into 11th grade and have had trouble deciding my foreign language. I am doubling science courses and am not that good at language. I also want to continue my passion for Computer Science. #college #higher-education #guidancecounsler #pre-med #language

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Nishk Jan 28, 2020 558 views

What is the best way to identify what colleges that you want to go to?

I am going into 11th grade and looking for colleges to go to.#medicine