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Andrew N. Jan 10 83 views

What do you like about being an auto mechanic?

I am interested in a career as an auto mechanic....


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Dearson K. Jan 13 65 views

What are the advantages of being an auto mechanic professional?

I am an eager beaver whose ready to learn....


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Melton H. Jan 27 88 views

what is it like being a diesel mechanic?

looking to become a diesel mechanic but have no prior experience. interested in the automotive field. #engineering #mechanical...


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George J. Feb 24 60 views

what is difficult with being and auto mechanic?

#mechanics #mechanics what do you like about ? because it gave me more...

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RD M. Feb 24 82 views
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justin H. Mar 06 45 views

Why did you choose to be a mechanic

Im gonna be a mechanic because i love cars....


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justin H. Mar 06 79 views

How much time off do mechanics get?

Interested in mechanics #mechanics #cars...


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genevieve F. Mar 06 76 views