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daniela M. Apr 15, 2018 288 views

What has been a hardship in the work area of a physical therapist, and what has this caused on a physical therapist as a person, their family, and the way they view life?

My dream is to become a physical therapist, therefore, I would like to know and understand how a physical therapist feels when they have encountered a hard ship and how this caused them to change as a person, how it affected their family and the way they view life. medicine...

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Justin P. Mar 02, 2020 266 views

How many assessments do you have to pass to become a physical therapist?

I am 14 and I love to play soccer and I'm thinking about getting involved in the physical therapist field. Athletes always get injured so it would be helpful to become one. physical-therapist occupational-therapy...


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Jeff S. Apr 13, 2020 220 views