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Dexter Feb 24, 2020 487 views

What is the best method when tending to patients with aggresive attitude?

#registered-nurses #stress #patients #healthcare #medicine #nursing

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 517 views

Finding work as a new grad nurse?

Hello. I am currently a pre-nursing student but I am curious about life right after nursing school. How long has it taken you to get your first nursing job after school? I often hear about the rising demand of nurses but I also hear new nurses often have a hard time getting work. #nursing...

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Julian Mar 02, 2020 798 views

Would I enjoy doing CNA and will it help forward my career progress of being an RN?

I'm going to be a CNA so in the future I can be an RN and hopefully in the future I can be in the Fire Fighter academy to become a fire fighter. #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses #medicine