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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 2086 views

How do you stay focused in 3+ hour long night classes?

I took a class last semester that was 3+ hours long twice a week at night and it seriously burned me out. I would go right after work so I was tired and had a hard time focusing. Curious if others had a similar issue and how you went about staying focused? Our professor let us record the...

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 651 views

Dealing with burnout?

I dealt with serious burnout from one of my classes last semester. We had so much material to learn weekly and the tests were brutal, plus I was working part-time during the week. Has anyone else dealt with it and what strategies did you use to fight it/deal with it? #college #student

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 620 views

What classes made absorbing the material from Anatomy/Physiology classes easier for you?

I've taken both Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 last year. However my grade for 2 was passing but low. I'm planning to retake but I'm wondering if other classes might help me better grasp the material. It's a lot to take in and understand in a short amount of time. At my community college, there...

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 608 views

Online versus In-Person?

Sometimes classes I need have the option of being online with testing done in person at the college. I've taken two last summer and did well. I'm considering a few more over the summer but this time they would be math (basic college algebra) and maybe a history class. Are there any classes you...

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 818 views

Taking classes for fun?

Have you ever taken any classes for fun that do not fit any requirements? How was you experience? #student #university #college

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 565 views

Do you avoid badly rated professors?

I recently started researching professors in upcoming classes on websites like ratemyprofessor before committing to a class. Have you ever attempted to take a badly rated professor's class anyway because that was the only class that worked for you? If so how did it work out? Was it not as bad...

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 1190 views

Finding work as a new grad nurse?

Hello. I am currently a pre-nursing student but I am curious about life right after nursing school. How long has it taken you to get your first nursing job after school? I often hear about the rising demand of nurses but I also hear new nurses often have a hard time getting work. #nursing...

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 1038 views

What extra classes would you recommend a student aiming for nursing school take?

I'm in the middle of a pre-nursing program at my local community college. I only have a few sciences left to take but I also have opportunity to take extra classes. I enjoy learning. What extra classes would you recommend someone going into nursing that you think is beneficial in the future?...

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 594 views

How do you study for Chemistry?

I am taking Intro Chemistry and having a tough time remembering all the laws, rules, how to read and find certain information on the periodic table, and all the various math problems. How do you go about studying for Chemistry? #chemistry

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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 541 views

What is Nursing School like?

I'm a pre-nursing student in an ADN program #nursing #nurse and hear all sorts of stories about nursing school. I'm curious what the day to day is like, how often you are in clinicals weekly, how often are tests, and how many classes you take a semester?