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Airline Pilot/Air Force Pilot
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Kirkland, Washington
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Holly May 17, 2016 2453 views

What's the lowest and the highest annual income a professional pilot can earn?

I am thinking about becoming a commercial pilot and would like to know how much I may make if I do go into aviation. #aviation #airline-industry #pilot #commercial-pilot

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 22, 2016 18387 views

What classes should I take in high school that would help me in becoming a professional pilot?

One website told me to take computer applications, mechanics, and physical education. #aviation #airline-industry #pilot #high-school-classes #commercial-pilot #flight-instruction #flight-school

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 22, 2016 2827 views

What are my chances for getting a job at an airline if I go the civilain route/flight school?

I'm wanting to know if I would have a better chance in getting a job for an airline if I go the military route? #aviation #airline-industry #pilot #air-force #commercial-pilot

mario’s Avatar
mario May 19, 2016 3851 views

do you have to join the army to get into West Point?

I want to get into West Point but i was wondering if you have to join the army #pilots

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 19, 2016 1123 views

What are your main responsibilities as a flight engineer?

What do flight engineers do? #aviation #pilot #commercial-pilot #flight-engineer