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Ejigbo, Osun, Nigeria

Within 40 mile radius
Miracle’s Avatar
Miracle Jun 17 523 views

Can an introverted empath choose Human resources career path or customer service management?

Need inspiration. I'm a recent Graduate wanting to transition into HR or CSRM role

Kingwisdom’s Avatar
Kingwisdom May 13 327 views

How can I have BNSC in Nursing after acquiring registered nursing certificate?

A registered nurse

godwin’s Avatar
godwin Feb 18 1079 views

I was drawing Since, 5 to 10 years old, but I don't know how, I can be improved ?

I don't know how I could be improved on my drawing, please can you help me

Oyewumi’s Avatar
Oyewumi Oct 26, 2023 222 views

Which course is better between nursing and medlab?

Questions writing tip

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Ayo May 08, 2023 462 views

please can anybody help me out?

I have been learning JavaScript for the past 4months now the coding aspect, but I can't seem to figure out how to use it with my html and CSS.

oluwakemi’s Avatar
oluwakemi Feb 11, 2020 668 views

Where in Ibadan,Oyo state can I apply for IT

Am jovial,cool and friendly #business #IT

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joke Oct 12, 2016 726 views

now i'm in my fifth year in secondary school. I am 13 years old. what year precisely will I become a neurosurgeon

Because people are discouraging me and I am determined.i just need advice

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Samson Jan 08, 2014 1067 views

What's your career question?law

I am an high school student who want to read law.But I dont know the school I will go before going to law shool wheither it is Poly,univerty or NCE.Inoder not to get worried when it is time for me to go.

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