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Gloria, MIMAROPA, Philippines

Within 40 mile radius
Grashy’s Avatar
Grashy Apr 11, 2021 351 views

What is the best career to get in Astronomy/Art?

I like art and astronomy but i'm still a bit confused on what subjects I need to learn first #art #astronomy#science#painting

Alexies’s Avatar
Alexies Sep 20, 2018 2184 views

Do I have to be good at drawing beforehand I take Interior Design for college or it can be learn in the said course?

I badly want to be an interior designer. My only worry is that I am not good at drawing. Though, I am willing to learn. Does it have subject to teach students on how to draw? Or we have to be naturally artsy. Does everyone who takes this course is naturally gifted of drawing abilities or some...

Even’s Avatar
Even May 30, 2018 1880 views

Why do they call IE's the "jack of all traits"?

#engineering #salary

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