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What are companies looking for in engineering internship applicants?

Asked Austin, Texas

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G. Mark’s Answer


There are basically two sets of criteria we used in my company. Our company had a philosophy that a member of technical staff should be able to handle any phase of any project, and that engineers should be "interchangeable". Now, that sounds a bit idealistic considering the wide range of expertise a person might need. However, the theory was that a person smart enough to get the job would be able to learn most anything. In that situation, what we looked for was first, general competence in engineering, and then some indication of industriousness. Extracurricular activities, whether the person had taken on jobs outside of school, groups they had joined, etc.. For an internship, this was important. Another thing was whether the person had shown earlier interest in the areas of engineering involved in the project the intern would be joining. This second criterion was more important for smaller companies that didn't have the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of projects for the intern to join. Since most companies are essentially hiring interns as potential long-term employees, a candidate who has shown dedication to the work they've done in the past will be at the top of the selection pool.

Todd’s Answer


Very simple you don't know what any companies are looking for as a engineering internship applicant.

Meaning you need to investigate any companies needs as a internship or as an future employee before any interview is conducted. Meaning investigate any companies or business needs as what are they are looking for as a future employee of that company or business. As we all know most information is on the great world web to investigate any companies desires what they are looking for in that person as in a engineering internship applicant. Go out and investigate any company or business desires in a internship or a future employees position. Be on top of the game of your education and information level on any company or business. Show that your the best candidate for hire as a future employee companies engineering internship applicant. Go show them what your made of and be proud of your abilities. Best of luck and may the engineering internship applicant force be with you!

Aleksandr’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Generally, companies look for a few things that can give them a signal about you:

  1. Past internships
  2. Your GPA
  3. Classes you have taken that could be applicable to the company you are applying to
  4. Side projects you are working on or have worked on

Aleksandr recommends the following next steps:

  • Prior to applying to any company, make sure you research the type of work they do
  • Taylor your resume to the company
  • List you personal projects on your resume
  • Keep your resume to 1 page, unless you have a lot of internships