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As a Computer Engineering major, is there any career that would not keep me in an office all the time?

Asked Tema, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

I like computers and building stuff but I would not want to be limited to working with computers all the time. I would prefer being in the field and getting my hands dirty but I cannot find a career path that's not entirely digital.

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3 answers

Vincent’s Answer

Hi Delanyo! Like you, I love technology but I didn't want to just be sitting at the desk all day programming. Depending on what other "elements" you'd like to have in your job, you can look for opportunities that are multi-disciplinary.

For example, if you like interacting with people, you could looking into tech consulting. There are several jobs that require deep technical knowledge, such as solution engineering. You'd be working with clients who have specific challenging problems to solve. In this type of work, sometimes you'd be traveling, staying with each project/client for several months, and move on to the next one - just like a consultant would, but you get to learn and leverage your technical experience as well.

Hope this helps!

Lara’s Answer

Updated Mountain View, California

Hey Delanyo, there are definitely computer engineering careers that do not have you glued to a desk 100% of the time. You could look into organizations that bring technology (e.g. fast, reliable internet connection) to developing countries/remote areas and consider them as employers. You can also look into fields like self-driving cars or even commercial space travel, that combine software with hardware which requires to be tested out in the open or in a lab, rather than an office. If you prefer a desk/office job but would like to have some travel time and diverse surroundings, also consider working as an IT consultant or tech support, where you'd be visiting client offices.

These are just a few ideas. I bet if you look into it further, you will find many other opportunities to get the job setting you prefer. Good luck!

Christie’s Answer


Hi, yes there are many companies who offer jobs in field services where you would be out in the field installing software, working on digital equipment, programming, etc. There are many engineering jobs that require field based work so you would not be tied to an office all day.

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