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What is all that i need to do to get into accounting?

I am asking because i want to be sure of what i need to achieve to reach this goal of mine . #technology #management #accounting #money #computers #buisness #friendship

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Hi Nick, great question. It depends on the type of accounting you would like to pursue. I personally am in Public Accounting and have my CPA license. This requires a 4-year college degree as well as any state-specific requirements in order to sit for the 4-part CPA exam.

Hopefully this helps - good luck!

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Business Administration and Accounting degrees (at the undergraduate and graduate levels) require a core foundation of classes in management, marketing, economics, quantitative methods, law, and communications. Entry level accounting positions usually require at least a 2-year degree or equivalent experience.

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To obtain a career in accounting the first thing you will need is a LOVE for math. Take every math class offered to you in high school as well as any economics classes that may be offered. Make sure to get good grades and stay out of trouble and get into an accounting program at a college. You can do research to find what college has the best accounting program in your area. Once you complete your accounting degree it's suggested that you obtain your CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification.

Good Luck!

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Accounting has many different career options, from external audit to corporate and more. The first thing is you need to be interested and curious. Learning about business, general knowledge, technology and be comfortable with data are some of the topics you need to consider. I recommend looking and getting your CPA down the road if you want to pursue a career in accounting. You can look at requirement on getting your CPA that will give you an idea as well of more topics. Good luck!
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