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Alex D. Dec 04, 2014 754 views

How would someone start to become a sports agent for a company?

I am entering college in two years and am very interested in sports. I watch most sports and know a lot about each. I want to be involved in pro or semi pro leagues as a sports agent. I would like to know colleges good for the topic and majors needed in order to succeed....


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Julia R. Mar 24, 2015 786 views

What companies are interested in people with an economics degree and a dream to become an investment banker?

I am a high school senior who is going to be graduating this summer. I wanted to go into an economics major, but I did not know what my future would look like with that degree. I am very interested in studying a math related topic being that it is my favorite subject. A career where I would...

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Jackie Z. Mar 25, 2015 1308 views

What to do when you have no idea what career to go into?

Hi, I am currently in grade 10, and many of my classmates seem to already have their whole life planned out. I live in Canada, and I really want to get into an American University, but the chances are slim due to my lack of opinion on what career I really want. In school, I am doing well in...

#high-school #stressed #career #university

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Payton . Apr 07, 2015 2223 views

What Classes should I take to become a wrestler?

Hi my name is Payton i'm in sixth grade i love wrestling and my favorite superstar is John Cena i watch WWE wrestling and i want to become a wrestler just like them when i grow up #wrestling #wwe...


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Joseph S. Apr 09, 2015 765 views

what will make it easier to become a U.S. navy corpsman?

I am extremely interested in joining the navy, and helping others around the wold young and old. #military #navy...


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Luke P. Apr 09, 2015 773 views
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Gabriel C. Apr 09, 2015 758 views

How can I become the next LeBron James?

I enjoy Basketball and i would want to become as good as LeBron. #basketball...


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Antonio F. Apr 21, 2015 804 views
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Jon C. May 14, 2015 28199 views

Does going to the Military better my chances of becoming a police officer or firefighter

I am a sophomore in high school and I am wondering if by going into the Military will boost my chances of becoming a police office or a firefighter, when I get out of the...

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Thu N. May 15, 2015 2089 views

What are some good high school summer internships, part-time jobs, or summer programs, specifically for people interested in Computer Science?

College is coming up very soon, and I'd love to get more familiar with the tech industry over the summer before I finalize my decision to major in CompSci. Besides online courses, is there any way I could explore CompSci or technology hands-on over the summer before senior year in high school?...

#high-school #internships #computer-science #summer #programs #technology

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Indira M. Apr 12, 2016 587 views

can i be a model if i'm short?

i want to be a model and people keep saying im to short #fashion-design #models...


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kijah G. Apr 12, 2016 539 views

what steps should I follow to become a police officer?

i feel like their should be more black cops in 21 centry #college...


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Ana P. Apr 13, 2016 458 views

what school has the best program for social worker ?

Because I want to be well prepared and have a good understanding of my career that I want as a social worker....


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Melissa L. Apr 13, 2016 482 views

What school has the best business program?

I'm asking because once I graduate I'm interested in being a business manager....


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viviana O. Apr 13, 2016 620 views

What are some classes that i must take to get my major in accounting/Business ?

Im a high school student and i want to make sure i take the right classes. #college #college-major #school...