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On a daily basis how many peopleask to fix the simplest task on the computer?

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4 answers

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Tony’s Answer

I have been in this industry for nearly 40 years and I have seen a lot of user issues. As Telmo said, everybody is at a different level in all steps of technology. And in the way that technology is spreading to a population that has previously had no need for technology, the need for support is growing exponentially.

In most organizations today, there is a support hierarchy. There are the front line troops that get hammered with questions that could have been found in the FAQs. The higher levels of support seldom see those issues and, when they do, it is because the lower levels didn't do their job.

I think of the entry level support as a necessary step. The person who sits in this position already knows the material or they will real soon. The key learning point here is reading people. Is it an older man forced into a world where he is lost? Is it somebody who just didn't want to take the trouble to look it up. It really doesn't matter for this level (simple answers are simple answers), but that skill will be critical as you move up. Not only for personal interaction, but also as a tool to find a starting point. As an example, you get a call from somebody who seems real tech savvy. You know then you need to look deep!

Tony recommends the following next steps:

Don't look at entry level questions as a bad thing. You are making someone's day.
Getting out of the trenches and up where you want to be requires knowledge and interpersonal skills. Learn what you can. You can follow up how the upper levels fixed up problem you sent up so you are better equipped to meet the users need.
There are few jobs where you can be a hero twenty times a day!

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Jerin’s Answer

Dear Nikolas, 

Thanks for your question . The answer to you question will depend on what kind of fix that you are referring to , if its a hardware related issue then it won't be that frequent but if your job is to fix hardware related issues then you will be responsible for a large pool of computers , for e.g. a lab in a University. 

If its a small installation thing or minor issues with already installed software , it can come from time to time , depending on the number of computers you are assigned to be responsible for , I would say 5/100 will have an issue on any given day.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask any more questions .

Thanks and Regards,


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Telmo’s Answer

It used to be quite often when i had a people facing role. To be honest some of those could be daunting, but most would be so rewarding as people would count on you to be able to do their work.
One thing to bear in mind, there are no stupid questions or requests. Not everyone knows IT, its no different than an IT geek going to the mechanic asking them to change a tire

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Estelle’s Answer

As windows keeps getting better hopefully, the number of questions seem to be declining. Also the newer workers seem to be better able to use computers and software. Also, people tend to help each other instead of asking IT to help because they are usually so busy with other more important matters such as protecting the company from hackers.