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Tony heckman

Software Developer
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Warrensburg, Illinois
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Austin Dec 12, 2019 831 views

What are some of the challenges you face when starting your own business?

I am in 11th grade, I attend a few business classes already, and I am interested in starting my own business. #entrepreneur #business

mikayla’s Avatar
mikayla Nov 12, 2019 579 views

Does your education depend on how much money you make as a computer scientist?

#computer #money #information-technology

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Nikolas Oct 28, 2019 708 views

On a daily basis how many peopleask to fix the simplest task on the computer?

#computer #technology #computer-science #information-technology #computer-engineer #computer-engineering

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Tyler Sep 20, 2019 576 views

What tech company would be a great set up for my future developer plans?

Such as "Google", "Microsoft", "Electronic Arts.", etc. #computer #information-technology

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Andrew Nov 08, 2019 708 views

what skills would i have to learn to become a game designer

#artist #animation #design #video-games #game-design #video-game-design

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Zachary Sep 18, 2019 819 views

What Classes Should I Take Before To Aquire A Job In I.T

#Information Technology #information-technology

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Corey Oct 03, 2019 564 views

How many hours do programmers work in a week?


Corey’s Avatar
Corey Oct 03, 2019 601 views

Who are the important people in the industry

#science #information-technology