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If you are an architecture student who is interested in starting a local practice, how would you go about establishing things after college graduation?

Updated Detroit, Michigan

I am an architecture student who seeks to start my own practice in the city of Detroit eventually after I graduate from the University of Michigan school of architecture and urban planning. Starting my own practice, refurbishing old buildings and providing eco friendly shelter for the homeless and common citizens have been my dream for a long time now, all I need is to go to college and get started from there. If anyone has some advice, I am truly willing to listen. #college #graduate #architect #entrepreneur #architecture #business

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Frank’s Answer

Updated Santa Clara, California

Hi Joshua, I have two suggestions. First, become a student member of a professional society for Architects. Most professions have such, do an internet search to locate one (for example https://www.aia.org/about). Secondly, check meetup.com for local architecture interest groups in your area. If one's available, go check it out and talk with some people there about your question! They will likely have advice on it for you. Good luck!