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Will studying abroad have an impact on my career?

Asked Phoenix, Arizona

My name is Yajaira and I want to study abroad while pursuing my Master's degree in Accounting and Finance and I am considering earning my masters degree abroad- studying for about two years in another country. Will studying abroad/earning a degree abroad in the business field affect my opportunities of pursuing a business-related field in the U.S. or another country(whether those impacts may be positive or negative I appreciate knowing)? In addition, which locations would you recommend when deciding where to study abroad? #career #finance #accounting #degree #masters #study-abroad

8 answers

Alexandra’s Answer

Updated London, England, United Kingdom
Studying abroad is an amazing experience. On the personal level, you can learn a new language and meet people who have a different mindset and different experience from the students you might meet in your own country or city. An international environment allows you to learn so much about different cultures and it makes things so interesting and enriching. From a professional point of view, diversity is really important. Especially if you work with an international company, you might have to work with people from different countries. You need to be careful how you interact with them as different cultures means different sensitivity on a number of subjects. You might also need to get more familiarized with different accents as well. Having studied abroad myself, I definitely recommend this experience.

Guilaine’s Answer

Updated Florham Park, New Jersey
Having an international experience, whether it is for studying or internship or work has many positive aspects. It will give you a different perspective, demonstrate flexibility. Going abroad had a significant impact in my career. Understand if this is right for you and what is the best timing to do that (and where does it make the most sense based on opportunity and interest). Understand whether your school has reciprocity agreement and what can be the impact on your degree (if any). Good luck!

Liza’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

In my opinion having International Experience is always a good thing. Each year we become more and more a global business world. In addition to the work piece, having another life experience is invaluable.

Michael’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Studying abroad may open new international opportunities and may make you more appealing to international companies coming to the US. Like picking a US school, do your research and ensure that you choose a great program. It will also build-out new sets of networks with the professors, students, and alumni, so research that as well.

You may want to inquire whether you can do two degrees. The MBA program that I participated in abroad offered a US degree, but also with completion of a thesis a local masters as well.

I received many local leads to great opportunities during and shortly after graduation and today, 14 years later, it helps to anchor my international brand.

Lauren’s Answer

Updated Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi Yajaira,

I can speak from experience, studying abroad is extremely beneficial. By traveling abroad I was able to experience new cultures, become more independent, and learn about cool topics while experiencing new cities. My studying abroad experiences have allowed me to bring fresh perspectives to my interviews and furthermore my work teams. In this ever globalizing world, having study abroad experience will help differentiate you and make you a better asset.

Katie’s Answer

Updated Simsbury, Connecticut

I studied abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam during my junior year of college, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I developed confidence and independence, and I was able to experience life in a completely different culture. Those are all things that have helped me in my professional life!

Marissa’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Yajaira,

I can speak from personal experience that studying abroad will have a beneficial impact on your career. It is a great way to learn about different cultures and learn new things, while being very independent. I ended up getting my bachelors in accounting and did the 150 credit requirement to sit for the CPA in 4 years, which was common at my school. I studied abroad during the summer in Italy and it was such a wonderful experience. I hope you highly consider this abroad experience, I promise you it will be worth it!

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio


Studying abroad can be a beneficial experience. It is a personal decision. Here are a few sites that you might look into to help determine if it is right for you.

https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/united-states/study-abroad-solution http://www.studyabroad.com/student-guide-why-study-abroad http://www.internationalstudent.com/study-abroad/guide/ten-benefits-to-studying-abroad/

Best of luck! Please keep me informed. I would like to follow your progress!