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What classes in high school are helpful in the field of interior designer?

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4 answers

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Esther Renee’s Answer

Here are a few traits that successful designers possess per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Interior Designers.

Communication skills to work effectively with teams of engineers, architects, and builders
Technical skills to use complex drawing software and read blueprints
Flexibility to work non-traditional hours and travel to design sites to meet with clients
Detail and precision skills for measuring spaces and creating drawings
Troubleshooting skills to minimize schedule delays and budgeting issues

Any course that could help you develop these skills would be helpful - math, communication, problem-solving, CAD, drawing/drafting, industrial design, color theory, etc.

Also, anytime you have a project that you must do for a class, try to find a way to connect it to your career interests. Example: math for interior designers, study famous interior designers, book reports about a book with an interior design related topic, intern with an interior designer, volunteer/work with Habitat for humanity or at a furniture store, etc

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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Cindy:

Thank you for your question. Interior Designers entering the occupation usually need a bachelor’s degree in any field. Coursework should include classes in interior design, drawing, and computer-aided design (CAD). Some high schools offer drawing and computer-aided design (CAD) courses. Your Guidance Counselor may be able to assist you with the types of courses at your school.

Here's a link to research regarding interior designers. Make sure to navigate through all the tabs.

I wish you much success on your journey.

~ Sheila

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

Bookmark the link on Interior Designers: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/arts-and-design/interior-designers.htm#tab-4

Congratulations on almost 250 answers helping students Sheila. The new success of yours is yet another milestone in your success story. You are for sure going to attain new heights with lot more successes. John Frick

Thank you John for your positive comment. Sheila Jordan

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Bryce’s Answer

Hi Cindy,

Most high schools offer courses in things like drawing or 2-D art. This is a great way to become a more polished drawer, as well as learn skills like spacial awareness and how to make layouts. Another course that a lot of high schools offer are some sort of digital arts class. This class will help improve computer art skills as well as become familiar with programs you may be using as an interior designer down the road. Some high school may offer courses in interior design which would be very helpful. Some more abstract classes you wouldn't think about would be math classes like algebra or geometry to improve math skills and problem solving skills.

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Pam’s Answer

- most any art class will help, especially freehand drawing
- Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketchup
- hand and/or computer-aided drafting
- speech; designers give lots of presentations and you need to feel comfortable doing this
- geometry