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Cindy Aug 31, 2020 583 views

What classes in high school are helpful in the field of interior designer?

#interior-design #business #high-school-students

g’s Avatar
g Oct 21, 2020 802 views

Is a business management class worth it?

Im in eighth grade and I want to be a copywriter (in advertising). Right now applications for high school are open. My local high school offers some good programs and has a lot of departments for kids wanting to pursue a career in business, technology and media arts. I wanted to know if a...

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Oct 02, 2020 714 views

My statement is being a Funeral director can be some good in my life and take the focus off of negative things i go through!

Life is short so i would like to enjoy life as much as i can. I will like to continue doing some that my past generation were and still doing. #life #career

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Kelly Sep 28, 2020 3908 views

Is Fintech a good major to take?

Hi, I am planning on taking Fintech for my masters. Do i need to have very good math or statistics skills? Also is the degree something that can help me get a job faster? Thank you. #career #math #fintech #finance #technology #masterdegree #degree #statistics