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Do you agree with the statement, "Not everybody should go to college, but everyone needs to get an education of some sort"?


A teacher once told my class this no I wasn't too sure if I agree or not. #business #engineer #law #economics #general #mechanics

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Vandana’s Answer


I wonder if the following rings a bell: "Not everybody should go to Well, but everyone needs to get Water"

As Well is not the only source for getting Water. Similarly, School is not the only place to get Education.

You might like to read about Benjamin Franklin.

David’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

I agree that not everyone needs a college degree. But getting just a high school education will limit the jobs available to you. You can do well if you work hard, make a name for yourself, take pride in your work and demonstrate a strong work ethic. But it may still mean that you will not be allowed to advance beyond a certain level within your job, or to apply for an advanced job or role that you really want. Education is all about opening doors. Many recruiters and hiring authorities will ever review your application if you don't show some amount of education or advanced credentials beyond a high school basic degree.

It's hard for young people to predict the future and maybe you truly believe you absolutely do not need any advanced education now; but your perspective and knowledge of what is needed will change as you age. It does for everyone. The best time to build your foundation of knowledge and skills is while you are young and before you are saddled with the responsibilities of marriage, children, and maintaining a household. You can certainly build on your education after you are married and working; it is just harder and you will really have to really manage your time and juggle your responsibilities.

If you are not going to go to college then consider a vocational technical school and learn a trade (plumbing, heating & air conditioning, automotive mechanics, aircraft mechanics, machinist, appliance repair). Skilled tradesmen can make good salaries and have a good careers. The world needs their skills; tradesmen keep EVERYTHING working and moving. Skilled tradesmen support family's well, and seldom have a problem finding work. The best tradesmen understand that skill matters but show does WORK ETHIC; show up on time every day, do what you promise, take pride in your work, deliver quality work, always strive to do better, always delight your customers.

If you are not going to consider a trade; then consider some amount of advanced education or certification beyond high school. Something that will flag your resume apart from the rest of the applicants with no advanced education. Consider attending a local community college to get your college basic courses accomplished. Maybe you struggled in high school but find that they actually perform better in college because they are more focused, more responsible, and working toward a goal. Strive for a skill certificate or 2 year Associate degree. Who knows, once you have developed a rhythm for studying ,attending school, and managing your work life, you may find that you are well on your way to a full college degree.

So its all about arming yourself for the future. Why not prepare yourself while you can, for a future that is hard to predict and full of change?

Mark’s Answer

Updated Pflugerville, Texas

I believe this depends on the country and the area of interest. I have 2 sons that are both grown. One went to college and now has his masters degree. He is doing very well working at a university. I have another son who hated school and couldn't focus on classes he didn't enjoy. He decided to go the route of learning a particular are of expertise and not going to college. He is doing well and happy. So, I think that each person needs to figure out what they want to do, what they enjoy, and then find the path to get them there.

Best Wishes!

Darren’s Answer


Different strokes for different folks...

Growing up I never really enjoyed school, but I understood the importance of it. When I reached college/university it became more interesting for me as I choose to do something I enjoyed studying. I've completed an Bachelors degree in business information systems and a masters in financial economics. Two areas where I believe helped me on getting the career I wanted.

My younger brother was a total contrast, he despised school, had no real interest and just about finished his high school. He used say he will go on the college of life which originally made me laugh. He tried a few jobs but eventually went into Sales where he found his true calling. He now works for Fortune Global 500 company and has been moving steadily through the ranks.

There is not one route suited for all people, sometimes your education is the ticket in the door which cannot be underestimated. It will all depend on how hard your willing to work in order to make your dream a reality.

jude’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I agree with Mark on this. I myself went on to get a masters in nuclear physics, but anything I have ever achieved has nothing to do with my education. I have always been fascinated with all kinds of machines, although I learnt theoretical physics, it has nothing to do with what I work on and what I have achieved. I would say what you do in life only has to do with your passion.

Paige’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Hi Onias! Great question. I too believe it depends on your personal interests and what you are passionate about. If you enjoy a particular area of expertise that does not necessarily require a degree, then you should follow what you know will make you happy. There are plenty of trades that you can be certified in, that do not require a degree. Another note is, college is not a must do directly out of high school. My nephew went to college for 2 years and was very unhappy because he was unclear on what he wanted. He took 3 years off before returning this semester. He is much happier now, as he is on the path that makes the most sense for him. Stay true to yourself, and you will do great!

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