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What technologies are required for architecture or interior design in this day and age?

Given my interest in architecture and becoming an architect, I want to learn how to become well-versed in the realm of the field. #technology #architecture #architect #interior-design #knowledge #interior #expertise

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3 answers

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Pam’s Answer

AutoCAD has been a standard in the industry for at least a decade. Now firms are converting to another software pkg also made by AutoDesk called Revit. The advantage of Revit is that it converts 2D drawings to 3D.

Chief Architect is another software pkg used by many smaller offices. It also has the ability to convert 2D to 3D.

Sketchup software is becoming widely used. There is free access online and tutorials if you want to try to teach yourself.

Some offices use Photoshop also. The more drawing software you can use, the better.

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Mai’s Answer

I'm a designer but I work along side of many architects.
I would say that you should get comfortable with technology in general. Going into school you will be given a handful of softwares to choose from.

AutoCad is standard, but many architectural firms are moving into BIM modeling such as Revit.
Revit is great for modeling and rendering along with your standard drawings, elevation. As you draw your 2d plans you have to input the heights, windows doors etc. which creates your model.
3D studio Max is great also, In school I used CAD and 3DS, but as I said before, revit does what these 2 programs have to do together.
on a side note, 3DS is great for modeling as well but it's not made for architects.
Rhino is a great tool and used at many schools - some firms use it.
Grasshopper is a plugin for Rhino - this is where the fun begins!
Photoshop - you'll need to finish your renderings and make them look sharper. Get to know photoshop really really well.
Illustrator is great - some use it some dont I like it. Its a vector program all the lines are mathmatically calculated. when you print a vector file its always sharp and not digitalized. Most graphic designers use Illustrator. Its great for putting together boards, altho you can use photoshop for your boards as well
INDesign is a great tool for later - when you're putting together a book for your portfolio. great for layout, text
I left out sketchup. only because I hate it but most firms use it. :/

Research Parametric design.
Learn to CODE!
Google some tutorials!
this guy is great he covers alot, especially software.

Good Luck!

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Eula’s Answer

Fantastic Jordan.
A few simple things will be very helpful to start.
You will need to master two things: Mathematics & Design Software. There are many.
If you have internet, check out some sites. The images look like movie special effects.
AUTO-CAD ( has about 97 or more versions!) Design Suite - Form Z - Chief Architect and
here is a good one to start with AutoDesk Homestyler (It's free! ) and allows you to delve directly into floorplans and choose interior design elements

I'd like to tell you something valuable, To get anything in a computer, you must have an idea in your mind first, We call this PRELIMINARY DESIGN CONCEPT.
So try sketching it first. A simple paper and pencil will do.

Both industries are related, so you can start with one and then continue with the other. Many architects are designers as well.
Still Interior Design its focus in on the furniture pieces too, some go into botanicals as well when designing outdoor spaces.

You will never be bored, and you will help build a better world.