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I’m ​​interested ​​in ​​learning​​ about​​ what A​​ Day ​​in ​​the ​​Life ​​is ​​like​​ for ​​a​​n Astrophysicist. So ​​far​​ I have​​ learned ​​about the more hardware design aspect of it,​​ but I​​ would ​​also ​​like ​​to ​​know ​​how it is for the ones that mainly focus on space itself

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Joseph’s Answer

I did an astrophysics degree, then moved into a nuclear physics career instead, so a day in my life is tinkering with detectors, analysing data, and developing procedures and processes. I imagine that could easily be an actual career astrophysicist's day too (but with [perhaps very similar] detectors pointed at the sky rather than at radioactive stuff down here).
However, for the input of a proper astrophysicist, Dr Smethurst is an early-career astrophysicist at Oxford, UK, who also does some great videos on YouTube.
See "A day in the life of an Oxford University Astrophysicist"