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Dorian Dec 09, 2020 614 views

2 questions for a resume

1.What ​​experiences ​​or ​​jobs ​​do ​​I​​ need ​​to​​ have​​ in​​ high​​ school ​​to​​ get ​​a ​​job​​ in​​ astronomy when ​​I​​ go​​ to​​ college?
2.What starter jobs are recommended to get into, for setting up a resume for astronomy #career

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Dorian Oct 01, 2020 436 views

I’m ​​interested ​​in ​​learning​​ about​​ what A​​ Day ​​in ​​the ​​Life ​​is ​​like​​ for ​​a​​n Astrophysicist. So ​​far​​ I have​​ learned ​​about the more hardware design aspect of it,​​ but I​​ would ​​also ​​like ​​to ​​know ​​how it is for the ones that mainly focus on space itself

#Astrophysics #Astrophysicist

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Dorian Sep 19, 2020 711 views

Any info for entrepreneurship and ecommerce?

I'm a senior in high school right now, and I am very interested in ecommerce and entrepreneurship. Is there any valuable info about ecommerce or things i should know and keep in mind for entrepreneurship, like how i can find quality suppliers and unique designs and products? #entrepreneurship...