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What is the best way to prepare yourself to become a lawyer?

I am a middle school student who took a test that says being a lawyer would be good for me. school lawyer students lawyers student

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2 answers

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Molly’s Answer

Good for you for being focused on your future! As a middle school student, I would encourage you to work hard to your best in school. Find ways to challenge yourself academically, personally, and socially. It is important to get a well-rounded set of experiences. This, of course, involves doing your best in school, but it also involves investing in finding things outside of school that you enjoy and are passionate about. The collection of these experiences will help you to grow as a person.
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Desiree’s Answer

It's wonderful that you're thinking of your career already! I think it's great to consider what you'll do professionally and try to be prepared.
To prepare to be a lawyer I suggest:

1. Read anything/everything you can - all sorts of diverse subjects.
2. Develop strong writing/composition skills
3. Develop strong speaking/presenting skills
4. Try extracurricular actives that help with any of the above: theater, mock trial, debate, model UN

I also suggest that you remain open and flexible to other careers that might pique your interest as you learn more. One test told me I'd be a good dentist - and yet I'm an attorney! Just because a test result says you have the aptitude for something, doesn't mean you have the desire to do it. If becoming an attorney is truly something of interest to you, then I encourage you to keep pursuing it! But if you find another passion along the way, you should explore that, too!

Good luck!!

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Develop strong writing/composition skills
Develop strong speaking/presenting skills
Try extracurricular actives that help with any of the above: theater, mock trial, debate, model UN
Also, stay open to other careers as you learn more
Jwilly H, Desiree is right. There are four basic skills that you can begin to develop now that will help you become a good lawyer. You need to learn to read with deep comprehension, reason clearly and logically, writing clearly and concisely, and speaking persuasively. Focus on those skills in your classes and in your extra-curricular activities, and you will be well prepared for law school and your career in the law. Glenn Rowley