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What should I major in if I want my career to be involved in business and athletics?

I was thinking about majoring in management or marketing, but I'm not sure. Some schools I am applying to don't have either as a major, so what should I do in those cases? #business #management #sports #sports-management #athletics #athlete #marketing-and-advertising #sports-marketing

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7 answers

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Michael’s Answer

It really depends on your passion. I’ll share a range of examples:

Sports Marketing and Business degrees are probably the most common career paths in professional sports. Having the experience and expertise to build marketing programs and create value for sponsors as well as entertaining fan experiences for those that buy tickets and attend events is part of the everyday fabric of sports today. This expertise can also be leveraged at many major corporations that invest in sports sponsorship as a marketing and activation tool for their respective brands. There are also many agencies that specialize in the representation of major brands to help guide them with their investments in sports where a sports marketing and business degree would be valuable.

Merchandising and Brand is a specialized degree path that is important for any organization to build fan affinity. Professional teams create many different uniform options and color combinations so that they can monetize business opportunity. They create celebratory programs like Salute to Service or Throwback so that they can merchandise their brand experience to fans. Specializing your college path could help you focus on the development of building revenue streams for the organization.

If film and TV are your passion, then pursuing your education in Broadcast Journalism could be of interest. Working for a network that broadcasts national games or working for a local network that broadcasts locally and regionally are all career opportunities. Working in a broadcast truck onsite at an event to produce a broadcast or working as a camera operator will always put you in a front row seat at any sporting event.

Architects and Engineers that specialize in the design and construction of sports facilities and stadiums is a niche business but one that can be very rewarding. The expertise to design and build a facility with the detail and understanding of what is required from lighting to concessions and fan amenities takes a lot of education and experience.
If you have a green-thumb and have a passion for being outdoors and playing in the dirt, then a degree in agronomy could be of interest. Every facility from youth to professional has a grounds crew and a professional head grounds keeper that went to school and earned a degree to manage the business of the facility. Golf, baseball, football, soccer are just a few of the sports that play on grass and need an expert to know about grass, watering, fertilizer, mowing and even painting.

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Chelsea’s Answer

Many colleges and universities offer sport management degrees, but it all depends on what type of career you are looking for. My recommendation is to major in your specific area of focus, whether that be marketing, business, communications, etc., and obtain sports volunteer or work experience while in school.

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Christophe’s Answer

Hi There

My recommandation will be : clearly avoid schools that do not offer mnangement and marketing options . Try to find schools that offer the most generic certification including mamgement and marketing in their courses
management and marketing are really different options , so probably You could rank those options and try to find which one you prefer or demonstrate more skills since now. Speaking for France , a lot of high schools and universties are providing marketing majoring with management as an option or vice versa ...

To me Universities are the best soluion if you want to add on top of this sports activities on top of that ( they have dedicated agenda fot their member , they have association to support and organize competitions ...not the case in high schools ...again speaking for france

Regardings Sport management , only sport studdies in France are doing this kind of cursus . if not possible ...think about joining a club and offer you services for children education within the club

Good luck


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Jon’s Answer

The athletics business, first and foremost, is just that, a business. Like most businesses, a well-rounded educational background with a focus on business fundamentals is key. Business degrees, MBAs and law degrees are very common in the Sports Business. Accounting, Finance, Liberal Arts, anything that fosters creative thinking and problem solving with a solid business background. Try not to get too specialized early on and focus on general business education. The sports part will come if the business side is there.

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Monty’s Answer

Hi Daniela -
Many colleges have degrees in programs called Sports Management and/or Sports Administration. That would be one obvious route although not written-in-stone necessary.

You may also consider a well-round degree is business and/or finance and/or marketing. I would also recommend taking a couple Journalism and/or English and/or Business communication courses to hone your writing skills. Never underestimate the need to communicate effectively via the written word.

I hope that assists you with your school course planning.

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Brennen’s Answer

Theres a lot of directions here, but here's how I would do it. I would pursue a generic degree in business. Research what CRMs are used in the scope of places I'd love to work at, and get certified in those CRMs in their analytic and administration portions.

Maybe even grab a fitness certification to icing.

Then job hunt for that job you want, but take what you can until that perfect job arrives!

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Steven’s Answer

There's a number of options for you, yet I would go with Sports Management if you're truly interested in business and athletics.