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Tharles Feb 20, 2017 2324 views

How do you see meritocracy inside a company?

I am searching for an interniship, but I am seeing that sometimes people get a job easier when there is someone inside the conpany that rely on them, that has been indicated by someone else. But is it a problem for meritrocacy? I say, a person that does not have someone inside the company to...

Abbas’s Avatar
Abbas Sep 28, 2016 2748 views

What abilities or personal qualities do you believe contribute most to success in this field/job?

generally what would be the best qualities that regardless all employers look for
#computer-software #management #programming #project-management

Abbas’s Avatar
Abbas Sep 28, 2016 1497 views

How do you think my university’s reputation is viewed when it comes to hiring?

when applying to a job how much is based off skill and merit when interviewers question you
#computer-software #computer #management #programming #personal-development #job-application

Abbas’s Avatar
Abbas Sep 23, 2016 80770 views

What are some common interview questions? and how to answer them the best way possible

Help for job interviews and college interviews

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Leion Sep 24, 2016 4987 views

Project Manager

What do Project Managers do? #professional #management #graduate #japan #manager #project #institute #agile

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Aug 23, 2016 873 views

I want to major in psychology but I want to either double major or get a minor to have more to fall back on. Which would be more beneficial, business or management and as a major or a minor?

Trying to figure out what to do in college! #business #management

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 21, 2016 1469 views

What should I major in if I want my career to be involved in business and athletics?

I was thinking about majoring in management or marketing, but I'm not sure. Some schools I am applying to don't have either as a major, so what should I do in those cases? #business #management #sports #sports-management #athletics #athlete #marketing-and-advertising #sports-marketing

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Jun 29, 2016 1559 views

How can one find an appropriate business mentor?

I am a high school student working on creating a start-up with my other partners. For the past 6 months or so, we have been working on documents and plan necessary to advance to the next stage of planning. However, we are beginning entrepreneurs and have more to learn on our journey to becoming...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Jun 21, 2016 1245 views

Going into a business or a nonprofit, What kind of mindset must one have to push the organization or company forward as an employee?

As an inspired anthropologist, I learn on how to think above and beyond. It is important to not only be part of a non-profit or company but as a member, seek to improve it. I am asking this question to understand how to go about on improving a company's position as a new employee. #business...

Jerry’s Avatar
Jerry Jun 20, 2016 1350 views

How do you ask your superiors for a day off to attend an event relating to your field?

I'm beginning as an intern in the tech industry soon, and TechInclusion is having a 2-day conference in NYC in about a week from today. Is it appropriate to ask my boss for a day off so I could attend the conference? If it is, how should I approach requesting such absences and would I expected...