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Does living and growing up in a cosmopolitan area affect an individual's creativity?

People are who are intelligent aren't necessarily intellectual. I read a piece by a professor at Swarthmore College about how intellectual people see links between ideas and theories. Also, the majority of people in my town are part of the "Creative Class." Does the rise of the creative class contribute to more cosmopolitan areas?
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Personal growth has a great relationship with the surrounding environment, the formation of character, the formation of temperament, the formation of manners and the formation of ideas These are all related to the family environment, the education environment of the school, and the social development environment. A person from small to big, form above all sorts of track, affect the growth of life
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Hi Liana,

Take a look in this link that explain based on brain experiments how enviromment can affect the creativity:

Best Regards, Daniela.

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