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What can I do at 16 to involve myself in real estate?

I'm 15 turning 16 this summer and will be a Junior in the upcoming school year. I'm interested in real estate and want to know if there is anything I can do this summer to further my knowledge in the field. Also if there is any job that I can do for a real estate agent at 16 this summer?
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4 answers

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Kelly’s Answer

Hi Okayra,

I'm with Jeannine! I think that any time you are willing to jump in and do some hands-on work for someone who needs help and from someone who is humble and willing to learn you are going to be a major asset to their business. Try finding someone who needs help staging their properties, cleaning/ maintenance and if they need to have any type of documents delivered, maybe these are things that you can do to assist them. You also find out if they have specific COVID-19 cleaning that needs to be done, or digital photos that need to be taken of a property that they can use to showcase that property on a website like Zillow or

You can also start finding out from the agent what are the first five things they need to find out from a potential client wanting to either buy or sell a home in a specific area and start asking them how they get the answers to those questions. Things such as:

1. What is their budget? Ask the Realtor how they find out what the buyer's budget is vs. what they believe their budget is
2. What area do they want to live in?
3. When do they need to move?
4. What size/ type of home do they want to live in?
5. Do they have a mortgage lender? Are they paying in cash?

1. How much are they selling for?
2. When do they need their home sold?
3. Do they need to move to a specific location?
4. Why are they selling?

I'm sure you'll do great!

Kelly Albright

Excellent advice on the questions to ask, Kelly! Jeannine Ouellette

Thanks Jeannie! :) Kelly Albright

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Jeannine’s Answer

There are so many options to work in real estate. You can start by thinking about it as residential and commercial real estate. Residential real estate can further be segmented into a property someone owns or rents. People who rent their properties are always looking for help managing their properties, from cleaning and painting (something a 15 or 16 year old can do) to maintenance. Same with residential real estate agents who are preparing to sell a house. Why not email a successful agent in our area and ask them this question too-people always like to give advice! If you owned a property, make a list of what help you would need and think about ways you could do this for someone else. You could also make a list of residential property managers and see what type of services they provide and where you could fit in with what they need. There are so many short term rentals as well through Airbnb and VRBO. The key is to partner with people who have a successful track record and learn from them.
You have great initiative-good luck!

Jeannine recommends the following next steps:

Contact airbnb listings to see if they need help or if they know anyone who needs help based on what skills you have
Contact a local real estate agent with the question you posed above
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Chris’s Answer

Agree with the other responders- I would also look into real estate schools in the interest of completing the coursework to get your real estate license when you're old enough. Will be needed whether you go into commercial or residential real estate.
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Yumi’s Answer

Here is an idea - go to open house and listen to listing agent. you ca learn how the agent talk to potential buyers and present the house. You can gain various knowledge there. In terms of summer job, look into a house staging company. You can help decorate houses and visit various houses and talk to real estate agents. Hope this helps.