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Boston, MA
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I either want to be a registered nurse but I'm not sure in what field or hospital. But I'm also interested in real estate



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Okayra S. May 11 149 views

What can I do at 16 to involve myself in real estate?

I'm 15 turning 16 this summer and will be a Junior in the upcoming school year. I'm interested in real estate and want to know if there is anything I can do this summer to further my knowledge in the field. Also if there is any job that I can do for a real estate agent at 16 this summer?...

opportunities business summer realestate

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Okayra S. Mar 02 194 views

How/where did you learn what you know about stocks?

I've heard a lot about stocks and the stock market and want to know the best way to be successful on stocks? and how to know which stocks to buy? as well as at what age do you recommend buying a stock? Also, what is a good amount of money to put into stocks? money stocks stockmarket...


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Okayra S. Mar 02 230 views

Did you have to get perfect grades in high school to be able to become a registered nurse?

I'm a 10th-grader who has always had an interest in the medical field and nursing and I expect that you had to attain perfect grades to gain entry into a good nursing school but recently my grades haven't been so great so I wonder if that's going to affect me if I do choose to become a...

nurse registerednurse obstetrician