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Do you prefer frontend or backend of your Computer Science oriented job? Why?

Asked Cleveland, Ohio

I am asking this because I am trying to discern which one I will prefer. I do not have very much knowledge or resources regarding which one will be more beneficial to what I would want to do. #computer-science #computer #japan #java #python #javascript

4 answers

Miriam’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
Hi! I have done both front-end and back-end development and I liked both of them. When designing the front end I had to think about how the user is going to interact with the screen, what will make sense to them and be easy for them to use. When designing the back end I had to think about the logical workings of the system. How do I make this happen? I also had to make sure my code was written really clearly so that the next developer to read my code could understand it. I think you have to think about what is most interesting to you - the user interface or the logic? Or maybe get an internship at a small company and get the opportunity to do both! #frontend #backend #computer-science

Joanne’s Answer

Updated Montclair, New Jersey

When I was in school, I was trained to be a programmer, however, my first job had me more on the 'operations' side of computer science, and honestly, I strongly prefer operations .. first line support .. even help desk .. because I feel like I make a difference.

One of the clues which may help you lean towards one side or the other are the personality profile tests (myers-brings .. what color is your parachute, etc ....).

All of those tests that I took indicate that I like to 'firefight' ... basically provide help as needed to make the computer world a better place.

Shivangi’s Answer

Hi I prefer doing backend as it's more algorithmic-ally intensive , you got to crunch a lot of logic to solve the problem at hand , Object oriented concepts are highly used and its fun to actually work at the backbone of the software ; the very core of it. So if you have a strong background in algorithms and in programming languages like Java/ C++ , also if you love going around thinking for solutions and like playing with logic and have a hunger to make your code better in less lines , BACKEND is your thing. If you like the beautification part of the software , frontend be your thing ! :D

Ju-Hyoung’s Answer

Updated Redmond, Washington
My first job was system admin, and I never imagined it. My academic research area was database. Now I am doing software developer. I am using Python, and will use C#. I used C/C++, HTML, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Bash, Powershell, PowerCLI, etc. I have done UI developer, Web development, windows programming and linux programming including kernel area. It's not like what you planned, but more important thing is what you are trying to do at any moment. Whenever opportunities come, you should take it seriously. Always it is not like front-end or back-end. You will do your best for your current job.