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Umme habiba Q

MEAN stack developer
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Hubballi, Karnataka, India
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Elijah Sep 29, 2022 430 views

Software-Engineering and Coding

Where and how can I learn really advanced coding and when is the best time to start?

Adonis’s Avatar
Adonis Oct 25, 2022 550 views

What did you do today?

What amazing creation did you create today? I would love if you could tell me all about it and the process of making it.

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 18, 2022 667 views

I just got an offer! How do I tailor my resume?

I just got an offer from a recruiter yesterday. She asked me to send my resume to her email since I want to have an internship to explore the different industries. The recruiter offered me free training in web development. Although, my resume has no experience related to the "web development"...

Melinda’s Avatar
Melinda Oct 26, 2022 363 views

Which programming languages should I focus on?

I am a junior in high school. I want to pursue a career as a software engineer. I'm currently in a fellowship where I'm learning basic web development languages and React, but I want to have more languages under my belt. Which languages would be best for me to focus my time on?

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Mar 26, 2022 631 views

Is coding stressful?

Is coding stressful?

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan May 05, 2022 994 views

What inspired you to be a programmer?

We are discussing careers in class and I am interested in programming.

lennye’s Avatar
lennye Oct 05, 2022 632 views

How to begin coding/start a career in tech with no experience?

What tips/advice would you give to someone who has no experience in the web development field - who would like to begin? Are there any certificates you’d recommend for beginners wanting to learn to code?

William’s Avatar
William Oct 29, 2015 1679 views

What website is best to learn coding (Javascript, iOS, Unity)?

As a sort of follow up to my last question (, I am currently using a website called Code School (, but I want to know if that is a good website. It teaches...

Colin’s Avatar
Colin Oct 21, 2016 2445 views

Do you prefer frontend or backend of your Computer Science oriented job? Why?

I am asking this because I am trying to discern which one I will prefer. I do not have very much knowledge or resources regarding which one will be more beneficial to what I would want to do. #computer-science #computer #japan #java #python #javascript